Married to the invisible man

Married to the invisible man

If I wanted to find a husband

There would be a list of things

That would eliminate 90% of men

Knowing what I don’t want has shown me

All the things which make a difference

In making a loving life because

Would I be happy with someone

So consummed by pride

He turns away from his only child

Could I be happy with someone

So focused on image

He uses money to show he is better than others

Should I be happy with someone

So broken inside

He fails to show love after decades together

My life is a precious gift

Which could be taken from me at any moment

There holds space for someone to live my days with

But could never be filled by just anyone


3 thoughts on “Married to the invisible man

  1. No, you won’t be happy with such a man and neither should any woman settle. But I am also aware that marriage and relationships aren’t simple, especially when children are involved. I am a brand-new mother (and before that, a recent bride) and get tons of advice; but the most sound one I intend to follow at all times is, “whatever you do, do it out of love”.

    A vivid poem. Full of character, full of emotion, and not short of power that comes from a strong character. God bless you, dear.

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