Since you will never know

Since you will never know

Surrounded by friends in the gathering

Your presence took my breathe away

You leaded in to introduce yourself

And my first thought after your beauty

Was what a calm soul you have

Time went by and we didn’t have time to talk

I stole a glance here and there only to see you looking

Oh if only people could say what they were feeling

Without the fear of rejection

Finally as the night was about to come to a close we finally talked

In the brief moment everyone else fell away

And we were locked in our little world

I know nothing more will occur as the time we had together amounted to only

A time within time overtaken by the wave of the crowd

If I could say that honestly I wish there could be more

That whatever seed that could develop between us

Would have the chance to grow into something meaningful

But like so many others

We parted ways with only the memory

Of what could have been


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