Slice of cake

Slice of cake

First it begins with a look

With so many to choose from

How will I know I have the right one?

After great thought I find it

Silently waiting for me to take it home

Just the thought of what is to come

Fills me with anticipation and excitment

So as the hours pass by and my day has come to an end

I am finally home from work

Going through the motions of what is expected

Finally the time has come

When I look back at the journey it took to get to this moment I laugh

All the waiting and doubts are meaningless now

As I remove all the coverings and take a slice

The first taste is surprise, the second is a blessing

Once it is all gone the need subsides and months will go before I need it again

The rush of emotion and the taste of sweetness

As pure as childhood in the rearview gaze of life


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