Four years, two years or now

Nothing has changed for her which is the irony of the situation

To fall and fall and never to get up

To fail with every attempt and to still belive a lie

Never fails to not bring me to tears with laughter

She reaps what she sows then begins each day thinking it will be different

And even with evidence in front of her

Who am I to judge I can here you ask

Simply if you choose to share personal information

Then you leave yourself open to all the critics

Fail to see the truth and be is blind to it

And only fools would not tell you the truth to your face

So as I sit here I wonder how do people say one thing and do the other

Without there being a moment of clarity

That says “you can not put half the effort into to something and get the full reward”

That says “all your actions and outcomes are related and one must change in order to achieve what you want out of life”

But those words go unsaid and those actions never have never begun

Four years, two years, today and still all the same


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