Masks and Cloaks

Masks and Cloaks

The day comes to me in stages

In pieces I see myself at a distance

The same as I am today but brighter

On the crowded bus my friend stood beside me concerned

The reason for the concern could be anything

What remains in my mind now years later

Is the warning she gave me of a man I had become friends with

The words have been muffled by time

But the feeling has left a mark on me

The man had caused waves within our circle of friends

His attitude and actions rubbed people the wrong way

I never knew the details but I had my friend’s warning

Perhaps some people go through life wearing masks and cloaks

And we can never truly know someone

The stories that cling to someone always give me pause

But dispute the warning I never treated that man any different

I never had a reason to judge and that lesson is what I remember best of all

So I may get burned by those around me

I also get too see beyond what people say to the real person inside

Whether it is good or bad


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