Keys to the castle

Keys to the castle

From the shadows

The scene unfolds

Silently I move in order

To get a better view

The heir apparent comes forward

Just like so many times before

This time however his bags are packed

And in his hands are the keys to the castle

I draw a breathe in surprise

The rumours were true after all

The heir apparent after being pucked from obscurity

Took the place I once held as though it had always been his for the taking

I held no grudge against him since given the same circumstances

I would have done the same

But watching him leave and seeing his replacement come into view

I know it is my time to go from this place

Since the foundation of my work would be offered on a silver platter to anyone

Walking away silently I bid the scene adieu

After all the sacrifices I made to these people only to be neglected

There is nothing more for me say


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