What matters

What matters

Crystal clear in my mind

The only truth that makes sense

After sometime I realize I see it everyday

Because if the day flows over me

Like a cup dipped into the ocean

Of what truly matters are the things

Are the thoughts that raise to the surface and linger

Floating in the water with purpose

Then by seeing all those trivial things

That only cause needless trouble

Are just sand at the bottom of the cup

Only causing me trouble

When I try to dislodge them

Instead I know what the message

Is calling me to do by

Saying goodbye to reactions

To things outside my control

Saying goodbye to people

Whose existence offers nothing to me

Saying goodbye to doubts

When nothing can protect me

Because within my hands

Are all the things I have been asking for

So how could I not be grateful

For everything that got me here

What truly matters can be anything

No matter what it is that day

I know it when I see

But couldn’t explain it instantly


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