The worst of myself

The worst of myself

There is nothing I hide myself

My anger no longer comes as a surprise

Because it has room in my heart

With all the good within me

I know there will be people who will try to deny it

Driven to break down and reveal all my secrets

They believe tames my soul

Instead as I look in the mirror

I finally see the good just at the surface

My kindness which overwhelms people

My honestly that breaks down walls

My passion only a few understand

My strength unbroken through everything

My mistakes are numerous and I can’t say I have regrets

I push and push and make a place in people’s hearts

Or I pull away and people feel the absence like a wound

In the mirror all the things people love me for

And all the things people laugh at stare back at me

One in the same I see and I love it

Because I see the same thing in the people I love


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