Can’t Argue

Can’t Argue

Arguments were a daily occurrence

Between my parents and I

Whatever I wanted whether big or small

Where up for debate as it it mattered

Whether or not I should wear white after labour day

It came natural to them as they had all the power

And didn’t have their own parents to guide them

Instead my parents raised their children 1, 2, 3

Beyond the any influence of others

Exacting all control, exacting their will without a comment

From anyone who held the power to sway

Years have gone by and now the shoe is on the other foot

As my parents age the control they once had

Is now slipping from their fingertips

As their bodies and minds age


The time for arguments has passed

Unlike them I have learned my lesson

Arguing with someone coming to grip with power

Or slowly having it slip away is pointless

As my parents should have listened to me as a child I listen to them

As they made all the decisions in my life

Gradually that will be my role in their life as well

The absence of my parents weights on my mind

As our time together my be cut short at any point on both sides

Instead of wasting the time we have on settling old scores

I do what I have to do so that whatever time they have left

They never truly realize how much they have lost

Once they leave me with memories of all the times we had together


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