Too often I have wondered

Why am I so different?

Was there something in the air

Did something pass before my eyes

To set me so far apart from those around me

People didn’t struggle through life

Like I did with people questioning

There every move and/or word

If only I could be a good as Maya Angelou

And be something more than myself

Something to be proud of in light

Of all the mistakes I have made

So to my surprise I took the time

To actually pick up an actual book

Written by Maya Angelou instead of

Listening to just her beautiful words

To see the person behind that beauty

To see myself reflect in her life

To see I am not alone at all

That someone has walked a path

Similar to mine and come out so well

Stronger and respected despite everything

Loosen the chains I have held within

As one link after another tumbled

On the ground


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