Weighing me 

Weighing me 

Looking across at the table

These people are so dear to me

They nurtured me, feed me, clothed me

They distrust me, starve me, rob me

Take away the good times

Take away the bad times

Does it equal in the palm of my hand

The love I have given them?

The time I have spent on them?

Perhaps this feeling will change

Perhaps my thoughts have lead me away

But looking across the table

Into their eyes I count the minutes

Till I leave them behind

Till they are miles away

Till this are a phone call away

Do I need their worry weighting me down?

Their voices ringing internally on repeat

Is that what becomes of relationships?

Is there a time when nothing of value 

No longer builds between us

Is there nothing left but the memories

No longer created between us

Till our lives come to an end

Till our lives come to an end

May l

May l

May I thrive

Bleeding along the way

Each new experience

live which those