One of the good ones

One of the good ones

Your memory lingers

In the best way

I see you everywhere

Another ghost haunting me

Moving on without a trace

He does exist

He does exist

Maybe I am too narrow

The vision of the man

I would love to be with

Apprears so clear to me

He does exist

I felt him today

The quiet strength

Weird sense of humour

Insightful knowledge

He does exist

I met him today

But he doesn’t want me

But he doesn’t want me

I accept it

The one flaw I could find

Get over it (it being myself)

Get over it (it being myself)

To say

I have been

Going through the motions

Would be true

A few highlights

A few heart aches

Nothing standings out

Over a day, a week, a month

It ate away at me

Filling my mind with sand

I feel better now

Now that I stopped pretending

And acknowledged I need to be honest

To stop pretending and to start learning

To stop thinking I have all the answers

To stop letting people walk over me

Never again

Never again

Never again

Soft spot

Soft spot

It’s never easy 

Seeing someone walk away

Or being the one to do it

But it was necessary

No good was to come

There was no place to go

If it hurts to see you

So be it

You will always 

Have a place

In my heart

Untouched by the world

Away from it all

The moments before falling

The time we spent

Even though I had to say goodbye