Floating tree

Floating tree

In these thoughts

Which roam freely in the night

Is one image

Secure in its space

Safe from it all

Looking for a place

To put roots

To call it’s own

The few

The few

There was a time

Ashamed at being alone

Thinking, feeling 

As though there was a certain

Path I should be following

When only a few stood with me

Gradually the feeling changed

But the thought laid in my mind

To only have a few people

Something must be wrong

Until I found the many and realized

To have a few people

Truly care about you

Is worth more than anything

Worth more than anyone

Sight of you in the distance

Sight of you in the distance

The sight of you

Far into the distance

Fills me with glee

Replacing any bitterness

Canceling any regrets

I’ve done what I did

You could never forgive

All that is left

Is this reality

So no awkward moments

So no goodbyes to follow

Nothing to set right

Nothing more to say

You no longer exist

The memories of our time 

Will fade but will leave a reminder

A reminder so clear

Treat every person 

As themselves not as one

Which reminds you of another

Go in peace and truth

But also may this unspoken

Goodbye last a lifetime

And may we never 

See each other again