It couldn’t last

It couldn’t last

This I know couldn’t last

The rush of emotions must run dry

The slightest breeze knocks me over

I have no strength for my mistakes

It’s time to be alive

Crushed rose

Crushed rose

It came to me

After hours of endless tears

I’ve crushed my soul

Trying so hard

To be something I am not

It ate away so deeply

I couldn’t see a way out

Until I thought of you

As though just you image

Could lift the blinders from my eyes

Awaken the pieces left of my crushed heart

Ready to begin again



If all that you feel for me

Built overtime and passions

Can in any moment

Can be washed away 

Like a sand castle in a storm

So be it

The longer I live 

The firm in my heart I become

So to be so easily dismissed

Then so be it

I ask for a lot 

Because I deserve it

So if who I am isn’t worth it

Then let’s part ways

As we begin

Strangers passing in the night