Wish you would fall

Wish you would fall

Wishing never gets me anywhere

Still my mind wonders away

Away into thoughts of what could be

Thinking, after knowing more of you

Knowing it wouldn’t be possible

Though I just want to say I’m here

No need to look any further

Knowing it wouldn’t be possible

Because wishing doesn’t get me anywhere



Looking across the room

Still can’t explain

Why out of everyone

I’m the one you ignore

If I was smart I’d let it go

Though if I was honest

You only matter

Because I don’t matter to you

Because I can’t put you

On the shelf, in your place

With all the others

What is it about me

What is it about me

What is it about me

Always looking for the chase

Going out of my way

Making plans, making schemes

To get that person’s attention

Someone I know isn’t what I need

Someone half afraid to be near me

To break down their walls 

Then trumple all over till

They are left in crumbles

What does it say about me?

That the people I want most

Are the ones I will most likely

Hurt the deepest?