The worst of myself

The worst of myself

If another moment

Passes with the thought

That the worst of me

Equals all of me

That once you see it

Then it will be the end

The fear of being discovered

A thought which enters my mind

And darkens my soul

It will be a moment too much

Because if you leave me

Because of the worst of me

Then the best of me isn’t

Worth my time to share

Into you 

Into you 

Seeing you from across the room

Everything has changed

No longer do I try to connect

We just do without question

He’s just another guy

No chasing, no doubts

Just the way it should be



If all that you feel for me

Built overtime and passions

Can in any moment

Can be washed away 

Like a sand castle in a storm

So be it

The longer I live 

The firm in my heart I become

So to be so easily dismissed

Then so be it

I ask for a lot 

Because I deserve it

So if who I am isn’t worth it

Then let’s part ways

As we begin

Strangers passing in the night