Looking across the room

Still can’t explain

Why out of everyone

I’m the one you ignore

If I was smart I’d let it go

Though if I was honest

You only matter

Because I don’t matter to you

Because I can’t put you

On the shelf, in your place

With all the others

The day I decided

The day I decided

The day I decided

Crossed in my calendar

Circled with a heart

The day I decided

Some people don’t understand

Somedays last forever

The day I decided

I will make the best of it

I will do the best I can

Regardless of how I feel

Regardless of what you say

Today I have decided

Each day after next

To never throw back

Any negativity given to me

To never get carried away

Anytime I think I may loosen those chains

I will remember this day

I will remember this day

Tears of happiness

Tears of happiness

So often I heard people say

They were so happy

Tears rained down their face

I would smile and walk away

Never understanding how

In the darkest moment

When everything is lost

When the future is clear

Pain, hardships, and misery

Were going to rain on you

That through it all

Tears not of pain

Tears of happiness instead

Mark my face

Knowing now what I didn’t know then

That the comfort of having someone

Care enough to listen

Love transmitted with each word

Makes anything possible

Makes anything possible

No matter the circumstances to come