As each day unfolds

Moments stand out

The time you noticed

Things didn’t appear

As they once were

Only to refold back into normal

But what if that isn’t the case

But what if those isolated moment

Scrattered the fabric of your life

By simply saying yes

When you should have

Just said no



Everything always appears

Clear in the water

All focus narrows down

The stillness of green

Fills my eyes

Cold blue against

My skin erases

All my doubts



It feels good

To do all you can

To do all you must

No one can say

I didn’t care

No one can say

I didn’t try

There is a peace in knowing

All the screaming in the world

Will not change the facts

Will not change your mind

It feels good

To let it all go

To let it all go

Knowing there was nothing more I can do

Knowing I couldn’t change the ending to your story

When you refuse to do 

What you need to do

It feels good

It feels good

When I say goodbye

Each word ends without regret



This may make no sense

But it needs to be said

The life in which 

The days, weeks, months, years

Has occupied my soul

The life in which

The events, moments, memories

Has shaped my mind

Still isn’t enough 

Still isn’t enough

For all the things 

Collected along the way

For all those times

Lined up in my thoughts

Always in the background

A set of matches

Waits to go up in flames