What is it about me

What is it about me

What is it about me

Always looking for the chase

Going out of my way

Making plans, making schemes

To get that person’s attention

Someone I know isn’t what I need

Someone half afraid to be near me

To break down their walls 

Then trumple all over till

They are left in crumbles

What does it say about me?

That the people I want most

Are the ones I will most likely

Hurt the deepest? 

Sitting with the men

Sitting with the men

In this room

All of us are gathered

Drawn randomly together

Nothing linking us

One by one we take our place

The lines are drawn

Women who love to express

Every emotion in their minds

Men who sit quietly

With only their thoughts in mind

As a woman I understand

The need to talk and feel

But in this case

Silence is golden

So with person who comes

I move further and further away

From the chatting, from the gossip

I have better things to do

We are who we are

We are who we are

We are who we are

There is no question

Two people raised the same

One without a path

Aimless and feeble

Held back by himself

How could another

Be so different

One with a path

Passionate and strong

Letting nothing hold her back

A million different reasons

We are who we are

We are who we are

Uncovered through life’s experiences

Shaped with the tools in our arsenal

But we are who we are

Regardless of what life throws at us