Daylight blending with darkness

Daylight blending with darkness

How deeply somber overcame me

One moment rational thoughts

Stormed my mind with glee

Next the light of the day

Has turned into darkness

Oh how quickly time can pass

I need you

I need you

Let me start

With this thought

I need you

Not because

I can’t get through the day

Without you by my side

Not because

There is anything special about you

I need you

To share my burdens

Give me a laugh

To brighten my days

Despite my nights

I need you

To fill hours, days, years

As though you were only

A passenger in my life

Late night confessions

Late night confessions

The beat to the music

Pulses throughout my body

As hundreds of people move in and out of focus

The night unfolds quickly once the alcohol hits my system

All the ingredients for a great time are there

All in perfect order as through laid out for me

But my heart isn’t in it anymore

But my night isn’t going to change my life

Just another party raising my hopes

Only to leave me unsatisfied