The good part

The good part

Do you see it?

The light at the end of the tunnel

The trip only months away

The person who you want to get to know

Slowly reaching for you

While being still miles away

Only fools rush in

Only fools rush in

Patience has never been a trait

I have held close to my heart

So often on the sidelines

Opportunites have come and gone

This time would be different

Nothing would slip through my fingers

Only to fall apart so quickly

Until I stopped rushing into things

Until I let things come to me

Now I have all that I wanted

And so much more

At his pace

At his pace

The distance between where we started

To the point we are now may not be visible

Unless you know how I tend to evade

Unless you know how I grab hold of my desires

Pushing aside all thoughts in order to get what I want


The distance between us may not appear like it

Has been covered by the anything besides a few words

Unless you knew I have been a person I always tried to be

Unless you knew he reached out to me when he didn’t have to


Nothing may happen between us

Only something has within me