Everything always appears

Clear in the water

All focus narrows down

The stillness of green

Fills my eyes

Cold blue against

My skin erases

All my doubts



I saw you yesterday

And it wasn’t a pretty sight

Your roots had intertwined

And I could see you struggling

I gave you what I could

Hoping the damage wasn’t permanent

I saw you today

And nothing has changed

The memories of being confined

Lingers within you

Even with all the space you need to grow

Still you are intertwined at the bottom

Where I found you

But will that be the same tomorrow?

Drained away

Drained away

Sometimes I wish all my concerns

Could drain away like water down my sink

Sometimes things get to much

And that I can do is scream on my concerns away

Sometimes there are moments where I am obivious to everything

Should I be faced with any problems I could wash them away

Sometimes I know a better day is coming

And I am not surprised when it does