As each day unfolds

Moments stand out

The time you noticed

Things didn’t appear

As they once were

Only to refold back into normal

But what if that isn’t the case

But what if those isolated moment

Scrattered the fabric of your life

By simply saying yes

When you should have

Just said no



Today nolonger did I hold back

No distractions in my way

There lies too many issues

Not being addressed

So I let them be

Ugly, bold, and beautiful

The disappointments I live with

There is only good leftover

After crying out the pain

Where I go from here

Isn’t all in my hands

But nolonger am I

Allowing myself to go

Quietly into the night



Looking across the room

Still can’t explain

Why out of everyone

I’m the one you ignore

If I was smart I’d let it go

Though if I was honest

You only matter

Because I don’t matter to you

Because I can’t put you

On the shelf, in your place

With all the others